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During the March 2002 Owner's meeting, the Hilton Head city planning department brought pictures and described proposed and in-process changes for the area surrounding our resort. Click on the pictures below to see the proposals.

A new city park is being built across Singleton Beach Road on the North side of the resort. A traffic light is planned at 278 and Singleton Beach Rd to handle the park traffic. Overflow parking for this park has already been built next to the resort near our boardwalk. A road connecting our resort to Singleton Beach road, the new Park parking lot and the new housing development next door has already been completed. The new road ends at our wooden fence on the north side near the building one trash dumpster. A gate will definitely be placed there for Emergency and Fire access.

The city would like for us to consider 2 possibilities:

    Add a rear automatic gate at building one so that cars can exit via Singleton Beach Road. This gate would be for exits only. This would make left turns on 278 easy at the traffic light.

    OR, move our entrance and guard house to the new road. This is very costly and highly unlikely without the city's help.

Another proposed change is to our entrance on 278:

    Left turns exiting the resort will be shut off by concrete medians. Instead, we would have to turn right on 278 and make a U-turn at the Singleton Beach traffic light. There would be a left turn lane coming into the front gate from southbound 278. Entering the resort should be easier and safer. Right turns leaving the resort would be improved by adding a merge area. The stop sign would be replaced by a yield sign.

    Or, we would exit via an automatic gate at building one and turn left onto 278 at the Singleton Beach Rd traffic light.

Boardwalk proposal

    The city would like to hook on to our boardwalk from their new Ferguson Park parking lot. In exchange, they would refurbish the existing boardwalk and widen it to 6 feet for emergency vehicle and handicapped access. They would also refurbish and maintain the beach cabana. We could continue to operate our beachside snack bar which could potentially be a significant profit center due to the increased traffic.

    The city also hopes to station life guards on our beach. The property would continue to be owned by Hilton Head Resort.

    When asked if they would declare "imminent domain" and take away our beach property, the answer was no, that the park will already have beach access near the rocks on Singleton Beach past the housing development and that "The city doesn't do that".

In any case, it appears we will lose our "private beach", but we are also gaining some new amenities with the park next door. Nature trails, ball fields and a play ground are planned. The new housing development promises to raise property values and appearances around us significantly.

The changes to our entrance/exits should be much safer.

Full Resort and Park aerial photo

Highway 278 entrance aerial photo

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